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About Us

MJ Powers & Co publishes monthly newsletters about the efficacy and safety of drugs and therapeutics along with corresponding CME activities.* The Alerts contain summaries, from a wide variety of journals, that can help you solve a problem, warn you about safety, or reassure you about efficacy. Not only will you receive the latest research findings, but also useful tools to help you judge research quality, evaluate study independence, and guide you with statistics. The Alerts Newsletters are timely and thorough, and you can be assured of objectivity because MJ Powers & Co is independent. There is no sponsorship associated with any of our newsletters, and we accept no advertising.
The overall mission of the M.J. Powers & Co Publishers CME program is to provide learning activities that are continually improved and motivating to participants. Our focus is to provide objective, unbiased, high quality educational opportunities that are conceived and planned to increase competence, performance in practice, patient safety and, where possible, patient outcomes. The MJPCo CME activities concern patient medication safety and evidence of treatment efficacy relevant to clinical psychiatry or clinical child and adolescent psychiatry.
*CME activities are study self-study examination programs based on content from monthly newsletters.